I am a Photographer, Designer and Architect from São Paulo, Brazil with a Ph.D. in Education and Arts. I am a Sci Fi enthusiast and a Senior Researcher in Interdisciplinary Studies, what basically means the same thing.

Over the years my work has been consolidating in a very simple process: registering the daily life and looking in these records for the unusual, using as a research method the clash between the probable and the improbable in an interdisciplinary approach.

In this quest I exercised various artistic languages such as painting, drawing, video and computer graphics, and the creation of characters and performative texts, but it is photography as language and technique that accompanies me continuously in the background.

With digital photography my work has become even more autonomous, breaking the visual difficulties that my artistic process created in its preparation.

The image is no longer fixed but become elastic, could now turn it into something far from what observed at the time of capture.

Computer graphics allow it to be now possible to integrate all languages into something new, opening challenges and pushing my work to a new level, as presented here.

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